Have You Been Turned Down for an Auto Loan Before?

Not a Problem. We Can Help!

BC Credit Fast empowers you to know what size loan you qualify for to take the stress out of buying a car. Especially if you have bad credit or have been turned down for a loan before, you start the process knowing what’s possible. We offer auto loans at credit unions, banks, or other lenders, as well as refinancing auto loans for bad credit.


We have helped over 5,000 BC residents

get approved for vehicle financing


Good Credit, Bad Credit, or No Credit, Everyone is Approved!

Life happens. Sometimes you have a bankruptcy, divorce, repossession or whatever else that damages your credit score. We believe that you should still be able to get a car. We work tirelessly to make that happen.


We Specialize in Bad Credit Auto Loans

It’s not surprising that we can offer great loans to anyone, no matter what their credit score is. Our dedicated staff has great relationships with each bank we work with. We use those relationships to give all our customers the best deal possible.


Find Out How Much You Qualify For

Don’t be unsure of what you do or don’t qualify for. It takes less than 3 minutes to fill out the application to see what size loan you will get approved for. This is also a “soft” credit check so it doesn’t harm your credit score.

Massive Selection of Vehicles

You’ll have no shortage of new or pre-owned vehicles to choose from. Each car, truck, or van has gone through our high-tech mechanical shop's full multi-point inspection. These vehicles have been reconditioned to the highest standard of safety and convenience.


Exclusive Loans

The banks we are partnered with love working with us. So much so that they offer our customers specialized loans you can’t get anywhere else.

You Deserve the Best

We’ve been in business for almost 20 years and have helped over 5,000 BC residents get a new car.


Fast Approvals

You can hear back as soon as 2 hours after applying to know what loan you’ve been approved for. Then all you need to do is come to our lot and let us help you select your new vehicle!

Don’t just take our word for it

See what our happy customers have to say.

Our Promise to You

Look, we are going to be honest with you. Anyone can get an auto loan.
There are certain lenders that specialize in providing loans to people with bad credit. Even if you declared bankruptcy yesterday, there’s a bank somewhere that will still give you a car loan.
The problem is that these companies give the industry a bad reputation for their predatory practices. Unfortunately, most companies deserve this reputation.
They don’t make things clear when they offer you the loan and one missed payment by a day and your car is repossessed. They do all of this and offer sky high interest rates where you pay 2-3 times the value of the car in just interest!
They prey on people in bad situations and keep them in bad credit. Our goal is to rebuild your credit with a great vehicle, not make it worse!
Our finance managers leverage the amazing relationships they have built with the banks over the years to bring you the best offers from top lenders. Also, they will be sure to spell out all the terms with you so you won’t be surprised by any conditions months later.
You should be able to rebuild your credit without worrying that you were offered a shady deal. That’s why we promise to be better than our industry and treat you like a human being.

How It Works


One of our finance managers will review your application and contact you with the terms of your no-obligation approval.


You come to the lot knowing the amount you are approved for and pick out your new car!


Drive home in your new car!


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